Antminer Statistics 2018
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What are the antminer statistics that you need to consider for 2019-2018 and 2020-21? We made our research and we found out the things that you need to be aware of this year when it comes to the subject of Antminer miners like the S19 pro.

  1. Things are looking positive

When new assumptions are considered, we will realize that things are not as bleak as they seem to be. It appears that bitcoin mining is really profitable considering that it is equal to $800 before costs per month in December last year. If you disregard your costs to generate one month’s worth of proceeds from mining for one minute, you will be left with only two ways that can decrease the latest ROI. One of them is the considerable reduction of the price of one Bitcoin and the other is the considerable hash power increase. If the price will be fixed, then hash power has nowhere to go but up by 100 percent. This will reduce profitability to around $400 a month. From the calculation of experts, it would begin the introduction of 1.1 million 14 TH/s S9s.

  1. You will need the best ASIC devices

If you want to get a good start at mining Bitcoins, you will need the best application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) devices that you can get your hands on. The devices must be designed for this purpose. Thankfully, there are a lot of ASIC devices that are made for mining bitcoins. But getting the best for you purpose will bring in more profitable results. The five most recommended ASIC devices that you can use are:

  • Avalon Miner 821

This device is an upgrade of the AvalonMiner 761. Its price is $2.540 with 1,200 watts power, and 11 TH/s hash power and daily profit of 0.00143233 BTC.

  • WhatsMiner M3

This is a great option miner with an attractive warranty. It costs $1,899, with 2,000 watts power, and 12.5 TH/s hash power and daily profit of 0.00162765 BTC.

  • AvalonMiner 761

This miner is highly praise and budget-friendly. The price is $1,860 and its power usage is 1,320 watts, with 8.8 TH/s hash power and daily profit of 0.00114587 BTC.

  • Antminer S7

This antminer has great potential but you need to be careful in considering it. Its price varies very widely from $324.99 to $1,099 or even more. Power usage is 1,293 watts, with 4.73 TH/s hash power and daily profit of 0.00061590 BTC.

  • Antminer S9

This is one of the best in energy efficiency. It costs $2,320 with 1,375 watts of power, 13.5 TH/s hash power and daily profit of 0.00179041 BTC.

  1. Miners that you can buy right now Antminer L3++

There are many Bitcoin ASIC miners announced in early 2018 but many are not available within the next few months. But here are the miners that you can buy right now along with their prices in March.

  • Antminer S9 – $2,320 direct
  • Antminer R4 – $2,008 direct
  • Antminer S7 – $440 direct
  • Antminer L3++ For Sale
  1. The profitability of Bitcoin mining depends on two variables

The first variable is time. In Bitcoin mining, the experts found out that profitability declines per year. Since no one can really predict the rate by which miners enter the network, it is difficult to predict how hard mining will be for 6 months or 6 years starting now. The second variable is the conversion rate. It is very difficult to predict the rate of conversion because nobody knows what the exchange rate of BTC against the U.S. dollar will be in the future. If you are just collecting bitcoins, this is no problem. But if you are getting bitcoins in the hope that you can turn them into dollars in the future, you should be aware of these two variables.

  1. Using Antminer S9 is still profitable

A website has revealed the actual experience of a Bitcoin miner using Antminer S9. The author of the article claimed that his take home profits are not too bad with the initial investments he spent in buying and using his Antminer S9. Apparently, he found that this ASIC device is still profitable.

  1. The best miner is Antminer S9

In comparing the top 3 miners available today, Antminer S9 clearly comes out on top. Although it is three times more expensive, it can mine three or four times more than its rivals and that’s a few more Satoshi to put in your Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency wallet.